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My answer to Homelessness: Total Elimination of Homelessness in America, Without Raising Taxes, Donations or Contributions while Reducing Government Debts and Budget Deficits at the same time. My program is available now, but this book will be published approximately early 2018.

DANIEL VER is available as SPEAKER:

Corporations - to reduce corporate tax from 21.% down to 9.5%

                        and lower government debt at the same time!

Eliminate trade tariff; Prevent auto tariff;     

Sports - We have the solution to eliminate the NFL's anthem protests (NFL, Players, Sponsors and Fans will all be HAPPY!)

Law Enforcement - convert current police system from                                                  "response to prevent" to eliminate mass                                        shootings and all other type of gun violence!

Government leaders - lower taxes and reduce government debt                                      at the same time!