We will provide the solutions to all your social 

  problems (domestic violence, homelessness,

  suicide, and most important of all, "budget cuts"

  without raising taxes.


     DANIEL VER GUARANTEE: I will refund your fee, excluding expenses and applicable

     taxes if any, if you can find any other individual or team from any private or government               institutions including law enforcement, military or intelligence agencies, anywhere in the             world that can defeat or match my analysis, strategies, solutions and programs. This                   guarantee is applicable within one (1) year from the date of your payment.


  Stoneman Douglas High School -

  We sent 44 books to Principal Ty Thompson and offering free    presentation/s to understand our Violence Prevention         Program. We guarantee that President Trump, Members of   Congress/Senate regardless of party affiliation and the NRA     will unite to bring safety and prosperity in this country.



  We will provide you the solutions to keep your

  jobs by eliminating budget cuts, without

  raising taxes.


  We will provide you the knowledge to improve    relations between your community and police 

  officers. And keep our officers safe from harm!