The World's First Government Modernization Program to reduce the national debt, eliminate budget cuts without raising taxes.

Lower corporate tax rate from 35.1% down to the lowest possible of 9.5% to

a) Eliminate corporate inversion
b) Bring back corporate profit without penalties

c) US companies to compete globally

d) Create millions of American jobs

e) Reverse the trade deficit with China


Maria Vicente

Years of experience: 15

Expertise: Research & Development

Daniel Ver is now available for SPEAKING engagement 

Daniel Ver

Years of experience: 50

Expertise: Law Enforcement, Military

& Government Modern Programs

Our Goal

Reduce the $20 trillion national debt without raising taxes! Eliminate budget cuts, also without raising taxes!

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Whether you want us to work for you or train your law enforcement officers, we can help!                 

Safe community from mass shootings, reduce government debt, budget cuts eliminated, strong military, law enforcement, no illegal guns, better environment using our "Traffic Decongestion & Highway Safety Program (this book explains it all - The Ultimate Solution to Climate Change - available at amazon)

               INTRODUCING IN 2018

                 MODERN U.S.                       HOMELAND SECURITY !!

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All types of violent crimes, domestic violence, overcrowded prisons, rising debt, high taxes, illegal guns, gun violence in your communities & schools.  

Our Presentation Fees are provided with 100% Money Back Guarantee-

if you can find any individual/team from any private or government institutions anywhere in the world that can defeat or match our solutions/programs!      

​​Profamilyads is Family Oriented Government System