Maria Vicente

Years of experience: 15

Expertise: Research & Development

Profamilyads is Family Oriented Advanced Defense System

Our Vision

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All types of violent crimes, domestic violence, overcrowded prisons, rising debt, high taxes, illegal guns, gun violence in your communities & schools.       

Our Goal

Protect our women and children from violence. Prevent gun violence and terrorism to reduce prison population, create jobs & reduce taxes.


The World's First Government Modernization Program to reduce the national debt, eliminate budget cuts without raising taxes.

Nikka Ver

Years of experience: 50

Expertise: Homelessness 

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Whether you want us to work for you or train your law enforcement officers, we can help!                 

Daniel Ver

Years of experience: 30

Expertise: Law Enforcement & Military

Research & Development

Safe community, lower debt, budget cuts eliminated, strong military, law enforcement, no illegal guns, better environment using our "Traffic Decongestion & Highway Safety Program (Our new book soon to out will include all of the above: America's Debt, Solutions Without Raising Taxes